Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Edilberto Evangelista on Stamps

Edilberto Evangelista (b. February 24, 1862 - February 17 1897) was a civil engineer trained in the University of Ghent, Belgium. He returned to the Philippines shortly after the start of the revolution and quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant General in the Philippine Army. He died in 1897 at the Battle of Zapote Bridge.

Edilberto was a native of Sta. Cruz, Manila, who received his early education with his uncle at Dulumbayan, Luneta. In 1871, he studied at Colegio de San Juan de Letran where he excelled in mathematics. At the young age of 16, he finished degree in A.B. in 1878. Later studied at the University of Santo Tomas where as a medical student, was able to support his studies by buying and selling carabaos for slaughter and engaged in tobacco business.

He went to Spain and studied at the Polytechnic School in Madrid, where he met Jose Rizal and suggested him to take a civil engineering course at Ghent, Belgium. After finishing his study, he returned to Manila , he arrived a month after the outbreak of the revolution. Edilberto joined the Katipunan in Cavite, where he was made director-general of the engineering corps and later was promoted to Lieutenant General for the Magdalo faction. He died in defending the Zapote Bridge against the Spaniards.

Date of Issue: November 27, 1973