Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Natividad Almeda-Lopez on Stamps

Natividad Almeda-Lopez (1892-1977) was the first Filipino women to practice law before the Tribunal of Justice. She devoted four decades of her life to serving the government in various capacities, retiring in 1962 as Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals. She served as Judge of the Municipal Court of Manila and was a member of National Federation of Women Club's of the Philippines in 1937.

The UP College of Law has several scholarships supported by donations from alumni and friends which are administered, in cooperation with their respective donors, by the Dean and the Scholarship Committee of the College. The Justice Natividad Almeda Lopez Memorial Scholarship established by the family of the late Justice Natividad Almeda Lopez in honor of her memory, is one of these scholarships.

A postage stamp was issued and a street (formerly called Concepcion) in Ermita, Manila was also named in her honor.

The stamp above was issued on June 1,1992, Decade of Filipino Nationalism (Great Filipinos Series IV)