Sunday, May 1, 2011

Colorano National Anthem Adopted 50th Anniversary Cover

Colorano full color “silk” cachet: e1151 #2 National Anthem Adopted 50th Anniversary is the Official ASDA Cover. The John Hoban President Continental Congress stamp is affixed and tied to the cover with a pictorial cancel: "200th Anniversary Surrender at Yorktown - 50th Anniversary National Anthem Adopted - National Postage Stamp Show ASDA Station New York Coliseum. A second pictorial cancel is added: "Historic Anniversaries National Postage Stamp Show N.Y. Coliseum". The silk cachet depicts Francis Scott Key witnessing the bombing of Fort Mchenry - the inspiration for the National Anthem of the United States of America. The cachet has a brilliant full color, the border of gold, the texture, the feel and look of the “silk”.

The envelope above was issued on November 19, 1981.