Monday, May 18, 2009

The Malay Heritage Center Commemorative Stamp

To commemorate the official opening of the Malay Heritage Center on 31 May 2005, Singapore Post issued a set of four stamps depicting elements of the rich Malay heritage.

Despite its rapid modernization and economic advancement, the Singapore Government places great importance on the preservation and appreciation of the country's cultural roots and ethnic identities. A visitor in Singapore will always be impressed with the harmonious conglomeration of ethnic Chinese, Malay and Hindu races, and the blitzing development which catapulted Singapore to first world status in a generation. The heritage has been successful in its role in creating a sense of belonging to the nation.

Featured in the 60 cents and 2$ stamp are the original music score of "Majulah Singapura", Singapore's National Anthem by Malay composer Zubir Said, and the replica of the Bugis Prahu, a shipping vessel used by Malay fishermen in the past. The grace and beauty of Malay performing arts are captured in the 1$ stamp.