Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Singapore Philatelic Museum Visit

My first visit to the Singapore Philatelic Museum was a truly memorable experience. This museum- Southeast-Asia's first and only philatelic museum- is located in 23-B Coleman St., Singapore was formerly part of an Anglo-Chinese School completed in 1904. In 1970's the building became a Methodist Book Room until it was restored to become the present museum. This museum opened in 19 August 1995 to promote interest in and the appreciation of Singapore's philatelic history. Besides the permanent galleries, the themed galleries offer a host of themed exhibitions throughout the year. In one of these galleries, an exhibit featuring old postcards of Singapore were shown (That's me with a panoramic postcard of old Singapore at the bottom most picture).

Displays from private collections of renowned philatelist, travelling exhibitions and themed exhibtions to commemorate new stamp issues are also shown. The also have a stamp shop where I was able to buy the special commemorative booklet issues of The Singapore Story, Malay Heritage Issue and the 30th Singapore Independence Anniversary Issue (These all featured the Singapore National Anthem).

All of the Republic of Singapore stamp issues are available for everyone to see. Also on display are German forgery of a British stamp printed during world war II which intentionally has a printing error mocking King George VI.