Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Singapore Story

This exhibition souvenir sheet contains a set of four stamps from The Singapore Story issue. This special folder is released in conjunction with Singpex '98 which was held at the Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Center from 23 to 26 July 1998.

The stamps depict some of the defining moments in Singapore's history. The stamps feature images from the turbulent years of riots and rallies before the 1955 and 1959 elections, the triumph of self-government, the merger and separation from Malaysia and finally the celebration of independence of a multi-racial nation.

The national anthem notes was featured on the 60 cent stamp and some parts of the anthem lyrics and notation on the 1 $ stamp. The anthem composer and author, Zubir Said, had written it on the basis of two words, "Majulah Singapura" or "Onward Singapore". The patriotic song was first performed on 3 December 1959 at the installation of the new head of state and introduction of the state flag. The anthem was used as a state song within Malaysia, of which it was a part, and was adopted as the national anthem in 1965 upon independence.