Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Running Playlists and Gadgets

I always run with my iPod. Music gets me motivated to run and there's never a dull moment running with it. I usually play the alternative, nu-metal and emo-screamo stuff coz it really gets my nerves going and prevents me from falling asleep while I run. Ha Ha. Current favorite artist in my playlist include Linkin Park (my power artist), Billy Talent, AudioAdrenaline, Chickenfoot, Flobots, Guano Apes, Inward Eye, Our Lady Peace, A Perfect Circle, Rev Theory, Taking Back Sunday and Thousand Foot Krutch. My favorite instrumental piece is the Shard by Steve Jablonsky, composer of the Transformer score. It is the background piece in the breath taking chase scenes in the movie. I imagine my self being chased by the Bad bots and this really increases my pace.

My favorite running gadget is the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. In this gadget, you can press the center button in the hardest phase of your run and immediately your powersong plays to give you the added boost of energy. I love the Nike + iPod sport system- its a workout partner and coach all in one. In this system, you select the type of workout you like- open-ended, distance, time or calorie burning. You then choose the music to keep you motivated, and then, it keeps track of your progress every step of the way with spoken and on screen feedback. After your runs, you can upload you workout data to your computer where you can set goals, monitor your improvement and even participate with runners from across the globe. The kit comes with a sensor, which you place in a Nike-enabled shoe, and a remote, which you connect to your iPod Nano. Come October 24, 2009, I will be joining the worldwide race, Nike+ Human Race 10K. Though I'm not in any of the venues, my Nike iPod Kit enables me to join this race if I run 10K on this race and upload my run after. I will be running in my favorite shoe- the Nike Vomero 4 - a superb neutral-cushioned shoe for medium- arched supinators like me. Running on this shoe felt like running on soft pillows. For trail running, my current favorite is the North Face Arnuva 50. Can't wait for my next to run!!!