Monday, October 12, 2009

Cebuano Artists Painting Collection- Fe Madrid Pepito

Fe Madrid Pepito had her love affair with art when she was in elementary school. In college, she took up Commerce for two years and shifted to another course, with a Degree of Doctor of Optometry. this seemingly non-related course did not, however, alienate her artistic bent since it offered scientific knowledge about light and vision, or optical illusions which play a large part of our visual nature. Her skill was also enhanced by the drawing requirements concerning physiological optics, not to mention that she was also married to an artist, Celso Duazo Pepito.

With several shows to her credit, Madrid is in constant touch with local artist and, aside from keeping up the domestic chores, she somehow manages to paint. A CAI member, she also served as secretary to a number of art-related activities.

Madrid's art is in the formative stage. Her favorite subjects usually revolve within the household, though she often joined in workshops and painting excursions with the CAI group. A doting mother of three, her works reflected to 'mother & child' themes, still-lifes and nude figures. The life of motherhood and family as an intimate source of inspiration probably draws her more to painting and drawing. Basically a self-taught artist, she chooses oil and pastel as her favorite medium. A glimpse of her works may lead on to feel its surface's crudities, but pastime or passion, it testifies a personal warmth of it own.