Monday, October 12, 2009

Cebuano Artists Painting Collection- Audie Estrellada

Audie Estrellada is a naturally gifted visual artist. He showed his talent at a very early age. Not fully contented with what he was capable of, he looked for ways to enhance his craft by enrolling in the International Arts School (IAS) in the 1980's.

His artworks are wide-ranged and multifarious: still life, landscapes, seascapes, figures, human interest, cultural and values-oriented themes and landmarks.

His media are oil on canvas, watercolor on paper, acrylic and oil antiquated wood and driftwood. He also experimented on sculpturing, doing images of religious saints. Most of his artworks dwell on realism.

His major awards were: First Place- Open Art Competition by the Art Association of the Philippines; Grand Prize, Filipino Inc.: Outstanding Siquijodnon in the Field of Visual Arts.

The artist is also involved in social activities. He is a Rotarian and a member of the LGU Committe on the culture and arts. He also conducts Summer Art Workshops.