Monday, October 12, 2009

Cebuano Artists Painting Collection- Cesar Castillo

Cesar Castillo was born and raised in Cebu City. Though he had shown interest in arts, he ended up taking Mechanical Engineering course in the University of the Visayas in 1986 just to fulfill the request of his parents.

After graduation, he worked as a quality controller in the glass plant department of San Miguel Corporation, Cebu branch. Though busy with his works, he always found time to develop his artistic skills, turning his free time into opportunities for learning. As his artistic quest evolved, he started to find self-confidence in every painting he created thus giving him the privilege to slowly expose his art to Cebu's art patron and enthusiast.

Giving in to the clamor for artistic expression, Castillo decided to go full time in painting. His works are showcase of his concern for details and reflection of his innate love for colors.