Monday, October 12, 2009

Cebuano Artists Painting Collection- Maxcel Migallos

Maxcel Puentenegra Migallos is a realist painter who was born and grew up in Davao City. His is a of Fine Arts Major in advertising at the Philippine Women's University in Manila in 1980 where he was named Most Outstanding Art Student. In 1981, he was featured in the "Ten Young Artists" art exhibit at Greenhills Art Center. In 1983 he move to Cebu. However, a year later he pursued another discipline and took up Architecture and finished the course in 1987. He practiced architecture and taught at the University of San Carlos both in architecture and fine arts program of the University.

He has participated in numerous group shows in and around Cebu as a member of the group first in Cebu Art Association nd later Kolor Sugbu where he is currently its president. In 1997, he was featured as one of the five Visayan artists in the third part of Manuel Duldulao's art book "Century of Philippine Realism". Prior to this, he was also featured in a coffee table book published in Cebu, "Cebuano Art Heritage". In 2008, he was also one of the Cebuanos featured in Duldulao's "Philippine Art Show".