Monday, October 12, 2009

Run to the Max II 10 mile Race

This is my longest road race so far, 10 miles or 16 kilometers, which i finished in 1 hour and 45 minutes. I felt awesome during the run although I felt my thighs were beginning to harden during the last 3km. During my previous races, I noticed this lady (which I later knew was named Twinkle), dressed in a flashy attire, who I thought was older but definitely faster than me. I tried to run near her until the 10 kilometer mark, after which I sprinted, leaving her behind. I maintained my pace at around 6- 6:20 per kilometer.

My wife who was waiting for me at the finish line was worried that I might not finish the race because the heat was burning (we started late) and she knew I hated the blazing heat. Luckily, I anticipated this, and wore my Nike Dri-fit cap and hydration belt with an electrolyte drink. I followed the running rule to drink at regular intervals and not wait until your thirsty to prevent dehydration and heat stroke. I arrived at the finish line smiling again and giving high fives to my friend Larry, a veteran marathon, who said I did a good time.