Monday, October 12, 2009

Running for Something Bigger than Yourself- the Pink Run

At the fragile age of 4 months, our youngest child, Vianna, was stricken with leukemia. The news hit us hard and it forever changed our lives. The prognosis was bad- Infantile leukemia, had far worse outcome than childhood leukemia. A very grim picture was painted by the 2 of the 3 pediatric hematologists we consulted and her chances of survival beyond infancy was slim. One doctor from St. Lukes Hospital, however was optimistic; assuring us that 60% of his patient survived- he only had 3.

With our friends and relatives fervent prayers and with God's magnificent grace, our dear Yanna, is now in remission and is celebrating her one year on Earth. It is for this reason that my wife and I decided to run in her honor in the Pink Run- a race for people with cancer, a celebration of the gift we call Life. We dedicate this run to her; even wore a special-made metallic pin with her picture on it. We love you Yanna dearest. We thank you for giving us an opportunity to take care of you. We thank God for entrusting you to us, and choosing us the to be stewards of one of His most precious possessions- YOU. A million kisses and hugs!!

P.S.Daddy run 10 km, Mommy is not a runner, so she attempted to run but ended up walking 3 kilometers.