Friday, October 2, 2009

World Heart Day Race

The World Heart Day Race unfolded last September 27, 2009. This was my first race- a 10K which started at exactly 6 am at the Cebu Provincial Capitol area. Being a nocturnal person, waking up at 4:30 am to get ready for the race was really an effort, but I thought, this is a race for the heart and only those with a "heart" will survive the race. After packing my running stuff and carb loading with a slice of bread and a teaspoon of crispy peanut butter, my wife and I were off to the venue. She had to come with me or else, no one would take pictures of me running. This is a momentous event for a first timer like me. We then proceeded to the booth to get our singlet and race number (008)- "a lucky number", my wife commented.

At the starting line, I mentally told my self that I would run to enjoy the moment, no sprinting- just running at my average pace of 6 min and 40 seconds per km. When the gun fired to signal the start of the race, a crazy thing happened which triggered a transient bout of panic attack. My iPod- with its Nike iSport kit- refused to play. Is my sensor at my other shoe, the battery low or busted earbuds? What in God's name is wrong here?? I CANT RUN WITHOUT MY MUSIC. I walked for at least 2 minutes trying to figure out the gadget problem. My wife was able to capture this as you can see in the pics. After incessantly pressing the center button, the thing miraculously played and off I went.

The weather was fine and the air was cool. This was the earliest run in my whole life and the road without traffic was a pleasant sight to see. The 10 kilometer run felt short and easy. At around kilometer 4, the fastest runner had already made his U-turn at Gaisano country mall and we met in the opposite direction near crossroads. At kilometer 5, Yong and Donna Larrazabal were already on their way back. "It's okay", I told myself, my goal was to finish the race and time was not of importance.

After 1 hour and 3 minutes of running, I reached the finish line smiling- happy and contented to have finished my first race intact. Next time, I'll run the 10K in less than an hour- if my iPod cooperates.