Friday, December 4, 2009

Visual Fusion- A Group Exhibit

Everyone is cordially invited to view the group exhibit- Visual Fusion- by artists, Seb Chua, Fr. Jason Dy, Sio Montera, Celso Pepito, Lito Pepito, Ritchie Quijano and Jobril Villaver. The opening will be on December 5, at 6pm SM art Center, Cebu City. Exhibit runs until December 14, 2009.

Seven artists with different modes of expressions pursuing art on different styles and understanding life in their field of experiences. The opportunity to be united in one show is to create a sense of unity even in diverse mode of artistry. It also hopes to showcase the gradual transformation of Cebu's art from its conservatvie vein into understanding the need evolve, experiment and create a contemporary artistic revolution. Above all it aims at giving the art loving public the chance to participate in molding a society with utmost artistic understanding.

As the exhibiting artists are pursuing its own individual journey, the possibility of being together in Visual Fusion Exhibit will seek to demonstrate the importance of unity beyond diversity. It hopes to stir the level of artistic understanding and patronage that will ensure the continuing search of excellence in the filed of visual arts, Lastly, it also hopes to impart on the importance of adopting ones artistic evolution.