Monday, March 8, 2010

South Korea Revisited

During my first visit to South Korea five years ago, I was not able to see much of the place because the trip was a convention and 90% of the time we were inside halls listening to lectures. This time, I was able to see and appreciate the beauty of the country and understand its people and culture. It really helped that our tour guide, Mickey, was a loquacious and accommodating host. Through her, I was able to learn more about Korea in 4 days than reading book for a month. We visited several interesting sights and scenes. We had the opportunity to go and see the Blue House- where the Presidents reside, The Korean Folk Museum- where I was able to buy the sought after Korean Music Series Stamps, and the Kyungbok Palace. The Daejangguem Theme Park was an eye opener. It is the Hollywood version in Korea, where the sets for the Koreanovelas- one of Koreas greatest exports- can bee seen and interacted on. A few decades ago, entertainers and actors were frowned upon in Korea, but after several artist became millionaires, the old folks in Korea now encourage there young to sing and dance. Other places we visited include, the Dongnaenum market, Ginseng center, Amethyst and Kimchi making factory. The Kings Palace in Seoul is devoid of a living royalty because the last heir lived in the USA and married a non-Korean, breaking the royal genealogy.

The JUMP show- a comedy martial arts show was highly entertaining. I really enjoined their kind of comedy- I developed side stitches due to overlaughing. The visit to Seoul tower offered a magnificent 36o degress view of the city. Looking at the breath taking view, you will really admire the Korean people especially its leaders for transforming the country from a third world to first world in just two generations. Hope we can do the same for our leaders.....