Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tomas Bautista Mapua on Stamps

Mapua was the first registered architect in the Philippines. He established the Mapua Institute of Technology. He is famous for designing the buildings of De La Salle College, Centro Escolar University, the Nurse's Home at the Philippine General Hospital and the J. Mapua Memorial Hall in Intramuros.

Tomás Bautista Mapúa (December 21, 1888 – December 22, 1965) was the first registered Filipino architect. Born in Manila to Juan Mapúa and Justina Bautista, he was one of the first Filipino scholars sent by the government to the United States during the American regime. He finished high school at Boone's Preparatory School in Berkeley, California, and graduated from Cornell University in 1911 with a degree in Architecture. Among his works include the Manila City Hall, Post Office Building, the St. La Salle Hall, and his own home on Taft Avenue. He was supervising architect for the Bureau of Public Works from 1918-1927, during which period he was in charge of important insular work, including the Nurses Home of the Philippine General Hospital, Training School Building of Normal School, and various provincial and municipal buildings.

Mapúa married Rita Moya on November 3, 1916. In January 25, 1925, he founded the Mapúa Institute of Technology, a school specializing in architecture and engineering, using a run-down building in Carriedo Street on Quiapo, Manila. Retiring from public service, Mapúa devoted himself to private practice since 1928, and in addition to heading his own construction company (MYT Construction Works,Inc.) was president of the Mapúa Institute of Technology. He died on December 22, 1965. Misericordia Street in Sta. Cruz, Manila was renamed to Tomas Mapua Street in his honor.

The stamp was issued on May 18,1989. Decade of Filipino Nationalism (Great Filipinos) I.