Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Self Assembled Puzzles- Variations on a Theme

There is fun in assembling puzzles, sometimes even more challenging than disassembling it. Recently, I created some replicas with variations of existing puzzles using materials from Wizard's Workshop and my children's toys. The first one is similar to the "Easy Does It" puzzle (1). The object of the puzzle is to separate the two loops of rope. In the original puzzle, a wooden ring which snugly fit the pole was used instead of the metallic ring that I'm using.

The second one is a variation on Dilemma Games, Ring and String puzzle, Lord of the Rings (2). The object is to release the ring. In this puzzle, another metallic ring was used instead of the wooden ring and a block and string from Wizard's was used to secure the "other end" of the puzzle.

The third puzzle is another Ring and String puzzle (3 and 4). The object is to release the ring which can only be done if you separate the two interlocking ropes. I made two these- a complicated-looking one (left lower most pic) using a screw block, crescent/ half circle block and two yellow square block form my toddler's Smart Cube toys, and a simpler-looking one (right upper most pic) using fewer materials.

The fourth puzzle I made is similar to Kirill Grebnev's "Attached Ring" (5) or Forest puzzle (because the original wood was handmade from branch of a tree). This time I used a stretchable string used to tie name tags in conventions and a pole and block from Wizard's Workshop.