Sunday, July 11, 2010

Energizer Night Run Cebu 2010

This was my first night run in Cebu. My former UP classmate and Sunstar editor, Michelle So, had been prodding me to join their weekly "Ungo" (vampire) night runs from their office to IT park and I always had my excuses. I had my apprehensions about night runs considering the unpredictable temperament of our drivers and the condition and safety of our roads. The lighting around some portions of the North Reclamation area around Parkmall was also not very good. One slip due to a puddle can twist those Achilles tendons or tear you tarsal ligaments.

But this was different; my wife wanted to have a trial run before their STC Reunion Fun Run later this month and so we decided to run together- a sort of test run. Also knowing that you are helping the hearing-impaired provided further incentive to race in the night. But due to unfortunate events which will take afew additional pages to explain, I was left to run alone.

It was drizzling that afternoon, and the wet and muddy road further intensified my fears. But the run was well organized with portions of the road closed and marshals visible everywhere. The water stations were generous and alert. The problem of heat stroke and increased melanin activity was virtually eliminated. Two things I dread in morning runs- waking up early and the heat of the unforgiving sun- was a goner in nocturnal runs. The rain stopped and so did the traffic and the street lights (intentional). The headlights and caps provided by Energizer did their job well- of illuminating the road and preventing those sweat from dripping through your eyes.

The race was really fun, and with 2,500 rowdy runners thumping the pavement wearing their beaming headlights was a sight to behold! When I turn my head to look who's behind me, my vision was flooded with a thousand glaring lights that looked like a thousand alien eyes. I imagine myself being chased by them; which could have contributed to my faster time.

I enjoyed myself throughout the run, and to top it all, my little Vincent was waiting for me at the finish line. Truly an amazing run; you get freebies that cost more than the registration (caps, headlights, batteries, fan, etc.), and you help the GMA Kapuso Foundation. I'll definitely join the next night race. Congratulations to Energizer and the Organizers.