Sunday, July 4, 2010

The National Anthem of Suriname

The music of the national anthem "God zij met ons Suriname!" (God Be With Our Suriname) of this Dutch-speaking nation in South America was composed by Johannes Corstianus de Puy in 1876 and the Dutch words were written by Cornelis Atses Hoekstra in 1893. Later, Sranan (the native language) words were written by Henry de Ziel and the anthem was adopted in 1959. The Sranan lyrics are actually not a translation of the Dutch, but have their own meaning.

Johannes Corstianus de Puy (1835-1924) was probably a pupil of Van lout. Certainly he was recommended by his head of the first Christian school in Sexbierum. He was also the founder of the Christian Euphonia choral society, which still exists today. In 1981 - to celebrate its centenary, was the grand choral presentation. The granddaughters of De Puy gave the beautiful ebony baton with silver mounts originally owned by JC de Puy. The inscription should mention the years 1869 and 1891. Not 1881 but 1869, which was the birth date of the association.

He was a student of the Royal School of Music in The Hague, where he graduated in organ and music theory. He became an organist in a Christian school in Sexberium were he founded the Euphonia choral Society in 1889 which led to the revival of Christian education and the emergence of Protestant choirs in Sexbierum.

The stamp above is part of a set of 3 issued in November 25, 1985. A part of the score of the anthem is seen.