Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paula Preradovic - Austrian Anthem Lyricist

Paula Preradović (October 12, 1887 – May 25, 1951), known professionally as Paula von Preradović or by her married name as Paula Molden, was a Croatian and Austrian writer and narrator.

She was a granddaughter of the Croatian poet, Petar Preradović. She was born in Vienna but her family moved to Pula, Istria, in 1889. Later she lived in Copenhagen and again in Vienna. She was married to the journalist Ernst Molden and gave birth to two sons, the newspaper correspondent and editor, Fritz Molden, and a banker, Otto Molden.

She composed the lyrics for the national anthem of Austria in 1947, Land der Berge, Land am Strome. It is said that, after she was informed that her lyrics had been chosen for the national anthem, her son, Fritz, composed a satirical version of the anthem, for the amusement of the family.

Her works includes: Lyric: Dalmatinische Sonette, 1933, Lob Gottes im Gebirge, 1936, Ritter, Tod und Teufel, 1946, Prose: Pave und Pero, 1940, Die Versuchung des Columba, 1951, Königslegende, 1950, Wiener Chronik 1945, her diary, which was published only in 1995.

Above is a maximum card of the Austrian anthem lyricist, Paula Preradovic issued in 1996.