Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Republiko Nasha, Zdravey!" (Hail to the Republic!)

The Bulgarian anthem, "Republiko nasha, zdravey!" (Hail to the Republic!) in use between the abolition of the monarchy in 1944 and the establishment of a new anthem in 1950 after the communists firmly gained power, was composed by Georgi Dimitrov (the same as the co-composer of "Balgarijo Mila", but not the same as the communist leader by that name of that period). The lyrics to the anthem was written by Bulgarian writer Krum Penev.

1. Yarema na robstvo surovo 1.. The collar of slavery hard
I mraka na siva sadba And darkness of grey fate
Niy srinakhme s ogan i slovo We crashed with fire and word
V zhestoka neravna borba In cruel uneqal fight

1. Republiko nasha narodna 1. Our people’s republic,
Republiko nasha zdravej
Our republic- Hail!
Zemiata ni dnes e svobodna
Today our land is free,
Svobodno dnes vseki zhivej
Today everyone lives free!

2. Za nas svobodata je sviata
2. For us the freedom is sacred
I niye shte branim s lubov
And we will defend it with love.
Kravta na bortzite, proliata
The blood of the fighters is spilled,
Po vsiaka padina i rov
On every Hallow and ditch.

3. Za nashi i chuzhdi tirani
3. For our and foreign tyrants,
Rodino, v teb niama prostor
Motherland, there is no space!
Niy pomnim bezbroynite rani
We remember the numerous wounds
Fashistkiya karvav teror
The fascist bloody terror!

The stamp above of the young Penev was issued by Bulgaria in 1980.