Monday, July 5, 2010

Rodolfo S.Cornejo on Stamp

Rodolfo S. Cornejo is the first Filipino composer who received an honory degree from a government recognized music school in the United States. He is also remarkable for his pianistic and compositional know-how by extemporizing a piano composition at the spur of the moment.

He was born on 15 May 1909 in Singalong, Manila. At the age of six, he had his formal piano lessons. After 2 years, he played fourteen pieces and six encores for his recital. In that same year, he became the organist of the Pasay Catholic Church when they moved in. When he was ten, he composed a piano piece entitled, "Glissando Waltz". He became so keen and inspired about music by his mother's genuine support. At 13, he composed the "Salute", a military march that was also published. At 14, twenty-six of his compositions were listed by the United Publishing Company Inc.

He graduated with Teacher's Diploma on Pianoforte and a Teacher's Diploma in Science and Composition. He taught in his Alma Mater, the UP Conservatory of Music. He became the researcher and official composer of the Philippine government-in-exile, as appointed by President Quezon he was commissioned him to write a symphony and an opera. He composed the music of the documentary film on the funeral of President Quezon. The Manila Symphony Orchestra, with the Filipinas Youth Symphony Orchestra and the UP Symphony Orchestra made him soloist in their repertoire. The Sampaguita and Vera-Perez studios made him musical director of their movie companies.

The stamp and first day cover above was issued on the Birth Centenary of the composer on May 2009.