Friday, August 13, 2010

Czech Republic's Coat of Arms on Stamps with the National Anthem Score

The Coat of Arms of the Czech Republic displays the three historical regions which make up the nation.

The arms of Bohemia show a silver double-tailed lion on a red background. It is repeated in the lower-left-hand side of the coat of arms (from the perspective of the person holding the shield). The Moravian red-and-silver chequered eagle is shown on a blue background. The arms of Silesia are a black eagle with the so-called "clover stalk" in her breast on a golden background, although only a small south-eastern part of the historical region of Silesia now belongs to the Czech Republic.

The history of Czech coat of arms is dated to the 13th. century and this crest was a meed from the king of Holy Roman Empire to czech king Vladislav II. The shield is also used as the badge for the Czech national football team and Czech national ice hockey team.

The stamp above showing the coat of arms of Czech Republic with the score of the national anthem was issued on October 14, 2009.