Thursday, March 3, 2011

Malagasy Republic Anthem on Maximum Card

The first anthem of the Malagasy Republic (Madagascar), located in a book of national anthems from 1890, was used while Madagascar was a kingdom (known as Imerina), until the French protectorate began in 1896. The anthem mentions Queen Ranavalona; Ranavalona III was the last Queen of Madagascar, ruling from 1883 until the French colony was established (before her, from 1868-1883, was Ranavalona II); it is presumed that, if the anthem predates the rule of Ranavalona II and III, that the lyrics may have been altered to mention the current ruler's name (in much the same fashion as the Austro-Hungarian anthem was).

1. Andriamanitra รด!
Tahionao ny Mpanjakanay,
Dia Ranavalona:
Ho ela velona
Hifaly aminao.

2. Mahery Hianao
Dia aoka ho aminy anie
Ny hasoavanao,
Hampandroso any
Ny hamarinana.

3. Ampitoero nao
Ny fanjakan’ny taniny
Izay natolotrao
Ho tsara entiny
Izay vahoakany.

The music of the present national anthem of Madagascar was composed by Norbert Raharisoa, a music teacher and professor. The words were written by Pasteur Rahajason, a priest. It was first performed in the public when Madagascar was declared an autonomous republic within the Union Francaise. The parliament officially adopted the anthem on April 27,1959. Therefore Madagascar already had a national anthem when it achieved full independence on 26th June 1960.