Saturday, September 3, 2016

Zimbabwe, the Beautiful

After an hours flight from Johannesburg, we landed in Victoria, Zimbabwe.  The falls was originally name Mosi-oa Tunya but was renamed to Victoria in honor of the British Queen when Scottish Dr. David Livingstone discovered the place.  He was much revered here that even when Zimbabwe regained Independence  almost all traces of British influence were deleted save this place name.

We were lucky to see the double rainbow and enjoy the sporadic spray of heavy mist with the sun shining ever so brightly.  This was moderate rain season so the falls were said to be in their not-so-strong flow. Had we visited during the heavy months, it would have been difficult to appreciate the vista this magnificent place offers.

The Zambesi river cruise the day before the falls was exciting.  It was the first time we saw real river creatures unlike the river safaris we experienced before.  A family of pearly white tusked elephants with their babies on the Zambian side of the river was a sight to behold.  The crocodiles and hippos surrounding our boat added to the excitement.  The setting sun on one side and the rising moon on the other was such a beautiful scene!

Zimbabwe is rich, beautiful and friendly. We fervently hope the people will overcome the vicious cycle of poverty.