Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Response to Dennis Guillermo's Article in

This is my short response to Dennis Guillermo's article, Apples and Oranges: Comparing Pacquiao and Mayweather which appeared in

PACQUIAO convinced us that he is the P4P king- in the ring.
MAYWEATHER is convincing us that he is the P4P king- through his mouth.

PACQUIAO is a doctor of Humanities (conferred)
MAYWEATHER is a quack doctor- he loves ducking around.

PACQUIAO may retire after fighting MAYWEATHER.
MAYWEATHER unretired to fight PACQUIAO.

PACQUIAO prays before he fights,
MAYWEATHER prays for fights-- that's how desperate he is for money.

PACQUIAO fights men bigger than him (Hatton)
MAYWEATHER fights men smaller than him (Marquez)

PACQUIAO kneels to the Almighty before he fights.
MAYWEATHER thinks he is the Almighty.

PACQUIAO serves so others may live.
MAYWEATHER lives so others may serve.