Saturday, February 12, 2011

The UPAEP 2010 Series: The National Anthem of Paraguay

"Paraguayos, República o muerte!" (Paraguayans, The Republic or Death!) is the National anthem of Paraguay. The words were written by Francisco Esteban Acuña de Figueroa and music composed by Francisco José Debali. The anthem was adopted in 1846 and officially declared in 1934.

Paraguay's anthem is a classic example of a "Latin American epic anthem". The seven verses of the anthem also resemble other nations' anthems of this type, for example, the first three verses of Paraguay's anthem, recalling its history and specific events, is very similar to the theme of Honduras' anthem, whereas the fourth verse which praises the national symbols, and the last three verses, which are a call to patriotism, are common themes in these type of anthems.

Paraguay's second anthem (the first, written solely in the native Guarnaní language, was adopted in 1831), it was adopted in 1846 and was officially declared as the national anthem in 1934 after the final rearrangement of the anthem. The lyricist and composer also created Uruguay's anthem.

The stamp above is part of a set of national symbols which features the lyrics of the Paraguay anthem. (UPAEP symbols series).