Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Macau Communication and Philatelic Museum

Although the Communications Museum of Macau is located at a very awkward, far, and hard-to-reach place, it is still worth a visit.

The Communications Museum boasts of uniqueness and distinctiveness because it is the only museum in Macau that features the mechanics and specifications of such basic items such as the telephone or how the post works. Not only that, it's also one-of-a-kind for the reason that it's the only museum in Macau that is situated along the Grand Prix circuit.

The Communications Museum was inaugurated on the 1st of March of this year, which makes it the youngest and newest museum in Macau. It presents its exhibits in two main areas: the Post or Philately area and Telecommunications area.

One of the main objectives of the Communications Museum is to serve the Macao population, especially primary and secondary students, aiming at stimulating interest in Philatelic Collection, promoting scientific and technical knowledge of telecommunications, and making it more accessible to the general public.

It also aims to be a place of divulgation of Stamp Collection techniques and of promotion of Macao Philately, both to the Macao population and the tourists that visit the Museum.

The building of the Communications Museum is composed of three floors, excluding the ground/reception floor. On the ground floor, the reception desk and museum shop are located. There is also an auditorium and a multi-functional room which can both be used for special occasions.

To get to the next floor, you can either use the stairway that's strategically located in the middle of all the exhibits or the elevator that lets you look at the exhibit area through the glass windows. On the first floor are interactive activities for the visitor and there is also a mini-theatre. Most of the interactive activities in the Communications Museum are located on this floor and some of them are stamp activities, a flight simulator, postal activities, and communications activities

The exhibitions on the third floor are more about electronics and communications apparatuses. There are also live demonstrations about inventions by famous scientists and an electronic workshop on the second floor of the Communications Museum.

On the 3rd and last floor of the museum, there is a terrace and a snack bar where the visitors can go have a rest after a tiring and interesting day in the Communications Museum. Also, the Macau Philatelic Club can be found on the museum's topmost floor.

The Communications Museum is a place where visitors can simultaneously experiment, learn, and have fun because of the interactive exhibitions inside. It is designed to be a place of interactivity, discovery, experimentation, satisfaction, and development of your abilities in the fields of Telecommunications.

One or two hours aren't enough for a visit to the Communications Museum because of the numerous activities that you, whether you're with your family or friends, can do there. It is also a place of dissemination of Stamp Collection technique and promotion of Macau Philately, both to the local residents of Macau and visitors.